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“If you don’t fight for the changes you want to see, the world will remain as it is.”

Manoj Kerai is a British Indian writer. He was born in August 1988 and has lived in London his whole life.

At secondary school he carried out a number of social justice campaigns and was involved in many fundraising initiatives. He went onto study BSc Psychology and MA Social Anthropology, both at Goldsmiths, University of London.It was at Goldsmiths, where his interest in Human Rights and desire to change the world was nurtured. He was Goldsmiths Students’ Union’s first Welfare & Diversity Officer and the role allowed him to understand inequality and the struggle for equality faced by disadvantaged groups. It was whilst working at Goldsmiths that the idea for his debut novel, The Burning Bride was formulated. After leaving Goldsmiths, Manoj spent two years working in the charity sector and writing up The Burning Bride.

For a while Manoj worked with Macmillan Cancer Support where he worked closely with the Boots and Macmillan Partnership. He saw the positive impact created when a large company worked with a charity. This inspired him to use his writing to inspire social change and create a positive impact in the world. The Burning Bride will help promote awareness of factors contributing to violence against women in India. The Burning Bride will also help fund projects to end violence against women in India by contributing portion of the profits to The Asian Circle.

Manoj is currently working as a full time writer and volunteers with Samaritans. He runs marathons, enjoys travelling and loves to watch rubbish but addictive TV. Manoj describes himself as a massive Harry Potter geek and says he must use a Harry Potter reference at least once a day.

If you would like to get in touch with Manoj email him at

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